Preparing for online training (a school's guide)

You need the following:

  • A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for 1-1.5 hours
  • Good internet connection and PC/Mac/Laptop.  iPads won’t work for our online training
  • Please ensure very good wifi connection and strength. It is usually preferably to work on a computer that is plugged into the internet through an ethernet cable, as a wifi signal can be intermittent in some schools
  • Your computer needs to have an microphone (inbuilt or external)
  • You need your SAS Apps login and password, which you set when you signed up for your App. Call 01642 967 907 to get your password reset or for a reminder well before the session begins
  • A Chrome web browser (Internet Explorer does not support SAS Apps software)
  • Access to a landline phone or mobile phone
  • Access to our How To guides. These can be viewed on-screen or printed out here:
  • TeamViewer software installed on your computer.

We use TeamViewer as it allows us to video conference and guide you directly through the use of the platform. It is easy to install; your technician, or a member of staff competent with computing, can install TeamViewer for you. Please install the software prior to the training.

Windows TeamViewer software can be downloaded from here  

Mac TeamViewer software can be downloaded from here

If you have any issues accessing the above links, please use click here and download the For the instant customer: TeamViewer Quick Support version of this software.

You may find it more comfortable if you can also have:

  • A set of headphones (if you are training alone)
  • Or the use of a projector/large screen and speakers if you plan to train as a group
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