Preparing for in school / face to face training in your school or organisation

Before we deliver training in your school you will need to prepare the following:

  • A quiet space where training is unlikely to be disturbed for 2 hours.
  • Good internet connection and desktop PC/Mac/Laptop.  iPads/tablets are not suitable for the training session.
  • Please ensure very good wifi/internet connection and strength.
  • You need your SAS Apps login and password, which you set when you signed up for your App. Call 01773 814 093 (select the SAS Apps option) if you need a reminder of your passwords and username.
  • An up to date Chrome web browser.
  • Please print out a training guide before the session starts OR have access to the training guide on a laptop/tablet. Training guides can be accessed from here.
  • Please read the Training terms and conditions carefully before you book your training session. 
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