Training terms and conditions

Training Terms and Conditions

The term client is used to refer to the customer/school/organisation that has purchased training.

Booking training

Once a provisional booking is made, the training coordinator invoices the client.


Once payment has been received by the training provider we will confirm the date and arrangements for training.

Preparing for training

It is the clients responsibility to check through the requirements above and prepare for the training session.

Training times

The client is provided with a trainer for the time allocation agreed (usually 2 hours for face to face training). Where the client has not prepared for training and this delays the start of the training session, we regret that we are unable to extend the finish time.

Where a client wishes to change the training times, this must be requested 15 days prior to training. When a client wishes to change the start/end times for training within 15 days of the training date, a charge will be incurred to rebook travel plans for the trainer. If the new timings cannot be accommodated by the trainer, we reserve the right to cancel the session and make charges based on the Cancellation and re-arrangement of training terms as stated below.

Maximum numbers

Training can only be effectively delivered and topics covered when a limit is placed on the number of attendees. For this reason all training is designed for a maximum of 3 people unless clearly stated.

Resources and guides

The client is responsible for printing and distributing training guides prior to training. Guides can be ordered in advance of the training, there is an additional charge for this service.

Cancellation and re-arranging of training

If you cancel the training we have agreed, for any reason, we will charge the following fees.

15 working days notice of cancellation = no charge

10 working days notice of cancellation = 50% charge

5 working days notice or less = 100% charge

Disrupted training

If training is disrupted, and the disruption is caused by the client or a third party eg. electrical power cut, internet outage beyond the control of the trainer, the training may need to be cancelled and re-booked. Please note the cancellation terms above.

If the training is disrupted or delayed due to our trainer eg. accident on the roads causes a delay in the start time, we will provide the client with the option to delay the start time of the training and extend the finish time - to ensure the client receives 2 hours of support.

If this is not acceptable to the client, we will offer to reschedule the training.


The trainers are paid upon evaluation of the course by the client, so please make sure you evaluate the training after it has been delivered to you.


If the training has not been delivered to your satisfaction, please contact our training administration team so we can work with you to resolve the issue and rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

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